InfracTion - 1927 Ford Model T

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InfracTion - 1927 Ford Model T

InfracTion started is life as a 1927 Ford Model T 5 window coupe but when us guys at Jellybean AutoCrafters got a hold of it we decided to build it the way Henry Ford should have built it. In its day the Model T was an advanced engineering marvel that made mass production feasible so today, to pay homage to the engineering advancements made back then, we applied similar thinking to the “Infraction” design. Using modern materials & design concepts, this T will have all the modern amenities you’d expect in a new luxury sports car. From its in-house designed/built frame, ergonomically designed interior including pedal & steering wheel placement, seat positions, roof & window heights to accommodate two 6’+ guys weighing in at 250+ pounds each comfortably for a drive across the country, air conditioning, power windows, GPS navigation & a high end crystal clear stereo, it will be everything a modern hotrodder could dream of.

The performance aspect is handled by a 350HP small block Chev and a 4 speed automatic transmission coupled to a 373 geared 9” posi and a triangulated 4 link suspension that is set up to handle well with the dropped axle up front. Front & rear sway bars along with modern performance radials on 18” front rims & 20” rear rims will keep it hugging the road even when sport driving.

This first work that was done was at the BCHRA 50th Anniversary Birthday bash during a live chop display in the park where 8 inches were taken out of the roof height with 25-75 spectators at any one time. From there it went to the Langley Good Times Cruise In for more live displays of our work for several years in a row for its frame & suspension assembly & body installation with 50–100 spectators at any given time. The displays were a great example of the skill, knowledge & confidence level of the Jellybean staff. Most people would shutter at the thought of being watched & scrutinized during such work but our guys made us proud by making it look easy in turning out the perfect product while entertaining the crowds.

Every piece on this car is designed & engineered then fabricated in house making it a true one-off built ride that is unique in every way. The side-steer system is an in-house engineered design necessitated by the tiny firewall left after the extreme channeling and the owners’ size 13 shoes. Converting it to side-steer and tucking the box up behind the dash meant the steering shaft could be lifted high enough to clear the shoes yet not go through the firewall & hit the back of the engine. The roof design was taken from the Scottish flat cap hat giving this Ford a bit of style while the suspension setups and frame designs are taken from research done during years of racing this type of suspension. All in all the overall feel is one that looks great and will perform extremely well on the road trips & rallies it is designed for.

The final ride height will see the roof height at 37 1/2" off the ground with 5" ground clearance to the frame so it has an easy time navigating over any bumps on the road.

There are still a ton of hours needed to complete this work of art but the final result will be worth all the effort.