1968 Camaro

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1968 Camaro RS 327 4 speed

Here is an example of timeless classic that received a Rotisserie restoration. The bottom of this muscle car is as clean as the top. The top received a wetsand & a buff to give it the extra shine and an original factory "negative" was located to paint the stripe. The mechanicals were restored to the factory specifications & numbers. We were able to locate all the factory numbers matching parts except for the carburetor, it was difficult because it is a 4 speed car. After residing ourselves to the fact a carb was not to be found we stumbled upon a rebuilt one at a local retailer, what a relief.
200 miles after the car was completed, the car was involved in an accident which forced a redo of the front sheetmetal and one side of the car. I guess you could say, this car is on its 3rd time around.
As you can see on the pictures this is a beautiful timeless classic that has been rebuilt better than the factory ever made it.